Kids camps

"A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a lamp to be lightened "

Kabuliwaala’s Terrace Performances

Hey kids and their Parents !!!!

  • Are you done with your exams ???
  • Are you in the dilemma of what to plan for your kids so that they can be constructively engaged???
  • Are you planning for an event for the society kids???
  • Having trouble in finding unique ideas within limited budget ???
  • Want your child to do something different from all the kids ???

Stories on the terrace

The performance or workshop space doesn’t really matter. The workshop can be conducted in a small room, terrace, garden area, garage, staircase ,corridor ,a parking lot or any other available area.

So join us and be a part of this new story telling era.

Venue: Where to come??? That You‘ll decide and let us know. Most welcome to get in touch with the Kabuliwaala team and discuss the possibilities.

Time: Easy to fix with any Kabuliwaala team member.