Bed time stories

Most of the young parents struggle with the high energies of their children. Engaging stories are the best capsule to keep the high energies of channelized and keep them focused. Kabuliwaala parenting workshops train the young parents in storytelling techniques, viz, what stories to select, how to engage their kids with stories……

  • What is the best time to tell stories to children?
  • Where should I get the right story books from?
  • What genre of stories to be told?
  • How can I develop interest of my child in stories?
  • What should be the right frequency of telling stories?
  • What should be the language of the stories?
  • What stories do kids like?
  • What stories should I be refraining from?
  • Should I be using any props while telling a story?
  • There are many such questions which parents ask during the Storytelling workshops.