story telling & other workshops

Kabuliwaala conducts 5 kemps (children engagement programs) or children workshops namely Suno Kahani Buno Kahani, a storytelling workshop, the flying pencil, a creative writing workshop, tana bana is a designing a play workshop, natak watak is a theatre workshop, baato baato me is a sex education workshop and the fifth workshop is Mali Kaka and the garden stories, which is a gardening workshop.





1.Suno Kahani Buno Kahani

Storytelling workshop makes children learn to imagine the characters, weave and express them in words, in form of poetry, short stories, comic strips or a short play.

Children travel to the world of Kabuliwaala and his jhola full of tales. Kabuliwaala opens his creative jhola for the kids and engage them in developing their imagination and creative expressions.

The workshop focuses on channelizing the high energies of the children in weaving, telling, listening and performing the tales.

2.The flying pencil

Creative Writing Workshop-the “flying pencil” flies 5 rounds around the heads of the kids, knocks their foreheads 4 times and scratches their head skulls thrice for a few seconds “chhak chhak chhak” before dragging their imagination out of their heads straight on to the paper.

Recently Kids from 5th to 10th Standards from all over India wrote short stories and poems in 7 Indian languages.



3.tana bana

Theatre Workshop-From scratch to a work-in-progress performance, children weave the tana bana of natak in this workshop full of laughter where real life dramas take no time in coming on stage.










4.Baato baato me

Sex Education Workshop-Lets talk about it! Let’s talk Sex! And cut the taboos around this topic.

Parents  always hesitate to tell their children about sex and teachers are always in a dilemma whether they have the liberty to do so or not. Children end up getting to know everything about sex  on their own, from neighbors, tenants, landlords, porn films, magazines, from the strangers, and even very unfortunately by getting abused at times!

Sex education in India needs to start from somewhere and Chakla is one crucial step in this direction to initiate the dialogue and clear the air about sex.

Target Group: 11th & 12th classes Only.

5.Mali Kaka

Mali Kaka and the Garden Stories, a Gardening Workshop-It’s time for kids to get their hands in the mud and learn the art of planting. While on the one side your child learn the gur of planting, the Mali Kaka Kamal Pruthi channelizes their high energies by weaving, telling, listening and performing the garden tales.

Mali Kaka and the Garden Stories is a unique concept of Gardening through the art of storytelling for kids. Engaging them in hands-on activities ranging from preparing their own growing medium to planting the saplings in beautiful Up-cycled planters is bound to get them excited.

Matt Powers, so grateful for your work!! you are the inspiration behind this !!