Stories for the leaders

The Story so far: More than 1200 corporate associates trained, performed for more than 15,000 audiences, catered to 13 MNCs, 5 NGOs, 17 Schools, 2 malls, 5 children festivals in 7 States of India. Media coverage in more than 50 newspapers.


1.Presentation stories

Every presentation has a strong story behind it.  Once you can see it, you can tell it. Why should a strong story be presented through a slide show? Why should the projector do all the human work? A human impact is what your client looks for. There are many more engaging ways to convey a powerful story. From subtle, to friendly and dramatic to factual stories, everything is possible.


2.Mgmt. Stories

The other side of the story? What is it? Let’s find it out. Who is it for? Why was it hiding until now? Who were the protagonists in the other side of the story? How are they related to you? And your subordinates? Your team? Using the two key theatrical techniques viz. Storytelling and Playback theatre, the managers are taught how to get to the root cause of the conflicts and then resolve them. .



Support an NGO to build a Story Lab in a school. There are several NGOs working in the field of children development, your organization may get such NGO teachers trained on storytelling techniques by Kabuliwaala and thereby impact the lives of thousands of children.



4.Product Stories

You have a product and want to build interesting and engaging story around it for the masses to be able to connect with it? Nobody likes to be sold these days. What is in it for the customer? Let the Kabuliwaalas build the constructive take away for your customer.





5. Family Days

Family Days are the most looked forward events in any organization, when you take your parents, spouse and children to your office and show them your work place. It’s a matter of pride for you to show your family where you work and spend most of the time of your day.  Kabuliwaala performances promise to make it a special and memorable event for your family.


6.Diversity at Work

Unity in diversity is an old saying, which works today as well. The difference between the genders at the workplace is blurring, and diversity of languages is offering a complete taste of colorful traditions. What more do we want? Let’s explore the complete story with the Kabuliwaala…..

At Kabuliwaala we have produced performances in 12 languages and the key trainer Kamal Pruthi performs in 6 languages.

flash mob

7.Flash Mobs

Let a bunch of drama associates convert your office premises into an open stage and all the other employees into the audiences and see the magic while the rendition of stories unfold in the most dramatic way. Kabuliwaala directs your associates to take the lead and the ability to carry a jhola full of stories and surprises for the audiences.