stage shows

Kabuliwaala’s theatre wing Museum Theatre Company is dedicated to producing entertaining plays for the theatre loving audiences.  So far more than 125 actors and non-actors have been trained in the flagship of Museum Theatre Company.

1.Chakla by Bheeshma Sahni

It is rightly said that ‘Literature is the mirror of the society’ & the play showed us that mirror. The show set in a brothel transported the audience back into the time but nothing changes in the Chakla except the currency value of the visit.

Lets talk about it! Let’s talk Sex! And cut the taboos around this topic.

Sex education in India needs to start from somewhere and Chakla is one crucial step in this direction to initiate the dialogue and clear the air about sex.

2.Gossips of 47’ by Manto

A 50 minute performance by Kamal Pruthi and Amjad Prawez enacting the best stories of the renowned Indo-Pakistani writer Saadat Hasan Manto gives an extremely clear view on the partiition times.

It is at times difficult to explain to the children of today what happened during partition. What Manto saw and experienced during partition is what he weaved in his stories.

The performance opens up the horizons of the children as well as adults on what partition was all about. And at the same time, gives the children a clear picture of what storytelling theatre is all about.

3.Toba Tek Singh by Manto

Toba Tek Singh, the most renowned partition story by Saadat Hasan Manto has been adapted and performed thouands of times by several Indian and Pakistani Theatre Groups.

But the story was never ever enacted as a solo performance portraying all the 18 characters by one man.

Kamal’s performance of Toba Tek Singh won him best actor award at a theatre festival in 2012.

Children get to experience the best of Urdu delivered to them in a very understandable way.

Veteran actor Pankaj Kapoor starrer Toba Tek Singh is slated to be released in 2016.


Do you look into a mirror? What exactly do you see?  What do you do while looking into a mirror? How often do you look into a mirror? Why do you look into a mirror?

What would you do if the mirrors were not there?

A hilarious folktale+ Workshop on Identity

Aaina won best actor award at the short and sweet theatre festival Bangalore.

More than 25 shows of Aaina have happened.


5.Nimbupani vs. Soda

Which language is superior over the other? This is an ongoing debate. Manto has very beautifully and presented this debate with a metaphor of cool drinks.

With a hint of slight humor, the performance allows the children to not only enjoy the performance but get the hint and think of such similar topics which can be discussed endlessly.


Have you ever eaten a jackfruit? Possibly not?  There are always some peculiar things in your life which you think, you know all about them and then when you come closer to them, they reveal all the fantastic truths about them.

What happened when Kabuliwala once got tempted to eat a Jackfruit?

A hilarious tale opens up the series of possibility for the Kabuliwala and kids try and solve the problem for the Kabuliwala.

7.Bhoot Ghudsawar

The fascination of kids for Ghosts is immense.  Ghost is one such creature whose name the kids start hearing when they are 1 year old. But they never get to see his face, neither do they hear his voice nor his whereabouts?

Where does he come from, where will he go and what all does he do?

Who is afraid of the ghost? Let’s find out in this comical tale.

8.Mullah Nasruddin

Mulla Nasruddin is a popular character, who never fails to entertain and engage people with his extraordinary problem solving skills laced with high dose of humor.

And many more……