Campus Stories

Motivational Stories

College students are ready to be molded and eager to listen to the inspiring stories of the leaders they have always admired. Kabuliwaala’s carefully selected bunch of stories fills the appetite of students looking to get inspired aspiring to do great things in life.  Students are always a great audience when it comes to getting the right intellectual nutrition beautifully wrapped with entertainment.  What they look for is the right lift of their dreams.

B.ed & B.el.ed courses

Kabuliwaala lectures are a big hit in women’s colleges where Storytelling is an integral component in courses like B.ed and B.eled. Soaked in theory, the future teachers always bombard enough relevant questions on Kabuliwaala Kamal Pruthi to get the insights of the professional, practical and performative storytelling approach and the huge world of children he has been in.

German Stories

Storytelling in German is what college students would perhaps never ever get to see in India. The German team of Kabuliwaala brings to you short story performances performed by Kamal Pruthi, who is apparently also the only Storyteller in India who performs in German. The real taste of the language is what one looks for while learning any foreign language. Sprachgefühl heißt es!

Urdu Stories

We would be happy to share the experience of innumerable shows we did of Saadat Hasan Manto’s short stories in several states of India in 12 Indian languages. All the Urdu stories were performed intact in their truest and original forms and not twisted to meet the stage demands.

Judging campus plays

Kabuliwaalas don’t believe in competition in the arts but artistic evaluation and motivation is necessary at times for the young artists to understand where they actually stand and how can they reach further heights and create better artistic products be it street shows, stage shows, radio plays or stories based performances etc.

Campus plays

Campus theatre has been a powerful movement in India to spread awareness about social issues. Many a times such performances are no less than any professional repertory performance, only a little bit of curating and polishing can take such productions to heights.

Campus theatre groups

Every college year boasts about the theatre group started by them. But most of them die down as their journey of their career paths begin. To keep them in the loop and to keep their artistic energies channelized, Kabuliwaala team provides you consultancy to sustain and keep doing the good work along with your respective professions.

Eco & Mgmt. Students

As the management Gurus and the leaders of tomorrow, the commerce graduates and the caretakers of the economy of the country, it is interesting for the students of Hons and Management to get an insight about how the economy of art industry survives in India in comparison to the European countries, what kind of jobs does a an art practitioner in India do and how his monthly income looks like and many more stories from the art world.

Arts Students

The insights into the arts management can also be discussed. And as the prospective arts managers of tomorrow, what can they do to brighten the arts scene of the country.

The session consists of an engaging storytelling performance for grown-ups and an interactive question and answer session with the audiences.