let’s brew some filter coffee

I’ll beFoaming_filter_coffee in Chennai in May for a 3 days seminar from 22nd to 25th May, Sunday night to Wednesday. I would love to meet you and have a filter coffee with you. I must tell you about my love for filter coffee, which is very old. There were days together in Bangalore, when I used to come out of my office every afternoon at 3.15, have a filter coffee at the Udupi Upahar in Koramangala and then start my training at 4, and
my trainings were always full of energies and laughters…… last week I even advised the manager of Sagar Ratna restaurant here in Delhi, not to use big steel glasses for filter coffee and add the sugar immediately after the coffee is ready not after ages, letting the customer stir it for himself is a big no. One neither drinks filter coffee in bigger glasses, (at the most one can drink two glasses one after the other) nor does one get the real taste of it if the sugar is added to the coffee after 5 minutes. 

People around me gradually got to know my obsession with the authentic filter coffee that they started treating me with filter coffee often. In fact one of the most interesting gifts I got was a filter coffee making machine.

Btw, this will be my first Chennai visit and I’m absolutely excited about it. Though it is a very short trip, I’m in talks with a few people to make it a little bigger journey. If you have ideas, proposals, or suggestions for workshops, performances, lectures etc, it would be great. Just ping me or call me. People are warning me of the weather, I’m a Delhi born so tolerant(ooopsss!) enough and know what summer could really mean.

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